Navy Wives Clubs of America


A few words from the National President, Julie Sharp

Happy New Year!  In 2014, take a look at all the opportunities that await you if you just take that first step.  Navy Wives Clubs of America, Inc. (NWCA), is a perfect first step, especially if you just moved to a new duty station as a Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard spouse and are interested in becoming involved in your new military community.  Or, perhaps you are a civilian looking for that opportunity to support the military and their families, and might find our organization a perfect opportunity to serve. 

 If you looking for an opportunity to excel by returning to college, NWCA may be helpful in meeting the financial obligations associated with higher education.  Starting now, until May 30th we are in our Scholarship application period.  We have a scholarship for a sea service dependent child of an enlisted service member, or if you are the dependent spouse of enlisted sea service personnel there are opportunities for you too.  Please take a look at our scholarship section on this website and apply where qualified.

 I imagine you are asking yourself, what exactly is NWCA and what can this organization do for me?  Well, NWCA is the only federation of sea service spouses and our purpose is educational, charitable and friendship.  We help one another through friendship, assistance and welfare for the families, bases and communities where we live.  NWCA selects a new charitable project each year – our National Welfare Project – and members serve our civilian and military communities with thousands of volunteer hours annually.  Many of our members are Command Ombudsmen and leaders in command Family Readiness Groups (FRG’s).  Friendships made in NWCA last a lifetime! 

 NWCA was incorporated on June 3, 1936 in Long Beach, California by a group of military spouses who had a common vision of support, friendship and guidance for helping other military spouses adjust to this new way of life.  In October 1984, The United States Congress granted NWCA a Federal Charter.  Needless to say, we are here to stay and it means you never have to stand alone as a military spouse. 

 As you take a look at our website, take a moment and click About NWCA and take a look at National Clubs to see if there is a club near you that you can visit.  Also, you can check us out on Face Book by clicking on the link and going to our national fan page.

Navy Wives Clubs of America

Opportunity to Excel,

Julie Sharp
NWCA National President





REMINDER:  NWCA National Convention, October 12th – 17th, Bremerton, WA.  Come join us!!