NWCA Central Regional Convention 2019

NWCA Central Regional Convention held at Gretna, Louisiana, April 5 – 7, 2019.  A wonderful and very productive NWCA Regional Convention was recently held at the Best Western Plus Hotel at Gretna, Louisiana.  The host Club, NWCA New Orleans #192, was led by Barbara Hopstetter. 

Helping Barbara were members, Phyllis Connor and Katie Jones.  The Opening Dinner included Barbara passing the Gavel to Central Regional President and member of Memphis #219, Allison Barnes.  We also enjoyed a special New Orleans dessert treat called “King Cake.”  Our business activities were held at the next door restaurant, Fire Wood and Spirits meeting room.  Our NWCA Memorial Service was held prior to our meeting. 

We had great lunch time fun at the nearby restaurant, DiMartino’s Muffulettas.  We completed our business meeting while seated around the outside hotel pool area.   More fun was held that evening as some choose to enjoy pizza at Moe’s Pizza while others choose to take in supper at local seafood restaurants.  Our closing brunch was held on Sunday at the Hope Café, Timerlane Country Club. 

After enjoying a great time of wonderful food, fun and entertainment by the local group called the Mohawk Hunters, Allison Barnes presented awards.  Finally, it came time for us to depart following a great and memorable time in Southern Louisiana.  Join the Fun, Join our mission as together we support our Military Services, Military Families and Local Communities.  Contact us at:  www.navywivesclubsofamerica.org. NWCA Central Regional Convention Held at Gretna, LA

NWCA Club, Texas Stars #213 Having fun at Lunch

A few days ago, members of NWCA Texas Stars #213 had a great time of fun while enjoying some of the very best Texas BBQ at Meyers, Elgin Smokehouse at Elgin Texas.  Members present were Beth Noal and Jeanette Hawk.  NWCA is grateful for these wonderful members and their continued support of our mission.  Join the Fun, Join our mission as together we support our Military Services, Military Families and Local Communities.

Sheryl Bice, NWCA National President represents NWCA


Sheryl Bice, NWCA National President represents NWCA.”  Story message needs to read:  “Recently NWCA National President, Sheryl Bice, represented NWCA at the annual Navy Sailor of the Year (SOY), Recruiter of the Year (ROY) and Commandant of the Marine Corps Combined Awards Ceremony and Luncheon.  Congratulations to all of our Great Navy and Marine Corps Personnel who were recognized during these events.

NWCA Princess Anne #143 and Little Creek #241 Celebrate

Members of NWCA Princess Anne #143 celebrate ‘Installation of Local Board Members’ with guests from NWCA Little Creek #241.  This event was held at a recent luncheon at The English Rose Tea Room, Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Members of Little Creek #241 had also helped Princess Anne #143 with their support of local Virginia Beach CLASP (Citizens Loving all Special People) activities.  For more information about Princess Anne #143 search Face Book at:  www.facebook.com/nwca143 and for more information about Little Creek #241 search Face Book at:  www.facebook.com/nwca-little-creek-1856220244596721.

Supporting Our Coast Guard

Coast Guard Luncheon sponsored by Memphis 119 during Jan 2019

NWCA, Memphis #119, Club Members shown supporting local Coast Guard Hero’s at a luncheon provided on January 31, 2019.  We love our Coast Guard Service Members who, like their Motto, Semper Paratus, are “Always Ready.”

Navy Wives Clubs of America (NWCA) Honors WWII Hero’s at Normandy

World War II Hero’s, near the Normandy, France Battlefield area were recently Honored with the help of NWCA, Honey Bees #257 Member, Shiana Crosby.  She placed items from the Wreath’s Across America Organization at one of nearby Military Cemeteries, during December 2018.  Shiana is the niece of several, Honey Bees #257, members and daughter of Honey Bees member, Christine O’Shields.  For more information about NWCA, look for our internet web page at:  www.navywivesclubsofamerica.org.  Find out more about the Honey Bees #257 Club on Face Book at:  www.facebook.com/nwcancms2015.com.

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