July 4th, 2020. Our NWCA National Project, that we are helping with this year, at Darkhorse Lodge, Paris, TN, has reached yet another milestone. Here is the message they posted on their facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/Darkhorse-Lodge-655037981193760/.

“Today, we not only celebrate the country’s independence but my independence from wall painting. Beginning May 2nd and ending July 4, all 7 building’s interior walls got a coat of primer and a coat of fresh paint.My roller hand will likely never be the same but the walls look so bright and clean. It’s a very light neutral color that will go with anything and I am super excited that this step is now done.Thank you to the Phelps’ for helping prime some bedrooms on day one and to my friend Shari for rolling some primer with me. Thank you to the Dugger clan for putting some hours in last Saturday on a rainy, muddy morning and for bringing lunch.Next step will be to paint the shipping container and several more coats on the foundations but not with my wall brush. That one will go in a shadow box in my office. It has cut-in every wall in every building at least once, most of them twice. It has earned it’s retirement. ?” Congratulations to Darkhorse Lodge and all of the volunteers helping with this project for our Honored Combat Veterans.

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